Top 5 Investors in Nio (NIO) Stock

Top 5 Investors in Nio (NIO) Stock

  • The stock of Nio (NIO) is experiencing a decline after a report indicating that Tesla (TSLA) plans to reduce production of its Model 3 and Y vehicles in China.
  • In the fourth quarter, Voloridge Investment Management was the biggest purchaser of Nio stock, acquiring 8.11 million shares.
  • Point72 and Millennium Management were among the other major buyers of Nio stock.

The stock of Nio (NYSE:NIO) is experiencing a decrease today after a worrisome report was released regarding Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) production in China.

As reported by Bloomberg, Tesla has informed its Shanghai Gigafactory employees that they will now have a five-day workweek instead of the usual 6.5 days. This factory is responsible for producing the Model 3 and Y. However, there have been no changes made to the plant’s schedule of two 11.5-hour shifts per day.

Restrictions on production, specifically in battery workshops, may be in effect for a prolonged duration. Sources familiar with the matter anticipate these production constraints to continue until April.

Nio’s performance has been unsatisfactory, as its shares have already dropped by more than 40% since the beginning of the year.

Nio’s fourth quarter earnings saw improvements in various metrics, despite the company still being unprofitable and experiencing slower revenue growth. In the period, vehicle revenue rose by 4.6% to $2.17 billion, with deliveries increasing by 25% to 50,045 and vehicle margins rising from 6.8% to 11.9%. The net loss for the quarter was $756 million, compared to $800 million in the previous year.

Top 5 Investors in NIO Stock

It is crucial to monitor the level of institutional ownership as it plays a critical role in providing stability and backing for stocks. In the last quarter, there were 468 13F filers who reported holding shares in NIO, which is an increase of nine filers from the previous quarter. These filers collectively possess 415.61 million shares, representing a 1.6% increase from Q3. CYVN Investments holds the largest stake in the company, owning 418.83 million shares.

According to recent data, hedge funds, which are a type of institutional investors, showed a higher level of optimism. Although the number of hedge funds with a stake in NIO remained at 79 during Q3, the total number of shares held increased by 30%, reaching 59.85 million.

Keeping this in consideration, we will examine Nio’s main purchasers in the fourth quarter:

During Q3, Voloridge Investment Management acquired 8.11 million shares, while HSBC (NYSE: HSBC) increased its ownership from zero shares to 7.06 million shares by purchasing 3.99 million shares. Similarly, Point72 and Millennium Management also bought shares, increasing their stakes to 3.77 million shares and 2.72 million shares respectively. Meanwhile, Jane Street’s stake increased to 6.80 million shares after purchasing 2.01 million shares.

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